Desktops, Servers, Notebook, Netbook, Tablets, all-in-one PC)
Branded Notebooks and Netbooks (Acer, Apple, Dell Hp, Lenovo, Asus, etc..)
Computer Desktop Packages (Branded and Clone PC)
Tablets (Apple, Acer, Samsung, etc.)
Computer Parts
(Hard Disks, Processors, Motherboards, Memory, Video Cards, etc…)
AVR and UPS, Casings, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse

Printers and Scanners
(Canon, Epson, HP, Brothers, Samsung, etc…)
Ink and Toners for Epson, HP, Samsung and Canon Printers

Networking Solutions
Data Switches, Routers, Structured cabling, etc.
(Cisco, Dell, D-Link, TPLink, Linksys, HP 3Com, Trendnet, etc…)

CCTV, Hardware and Software Security Products

Cisco, HP, Sonicwall, Trend Micro/Kaspersky, Ruckus ESET etc…

Multimedia Projectors
Acer Epson/Infocus, Panasonic, Asus etc…

Accessories and others
Memory Cards, Card Readers
Speakers and Fax Machines
Headsets and Earphones
Digital Cameras (Samsung, Nikon, Sony, Canon)
USB and Video Cables
Bluetooth Devices